Memory Leake Robinson Hall

Robinson Hall is where the law school resides on Samford's campus. It contains three courtrooms, several classrooms, boardrooms, law school centers and all the faculty and administrative offices. 

John L. Carroll Moot Courtroom
The Moot Courtroom is the largest room at the law school, seating nearly 200. It is used for guest speakers, award ceremonies, mock trials and class meetings. 










The Hare, Wynn, Newell & Newton Advanced Advocacy Courtroom

The Hare, Wynn, Newell & Newton Advanced Advocacy Courtroom Courtroom is where the advance trial skills class is taught. This class is limited to 12 students. Most of the Admission Open Houses are in this courtroom.















The typical classroom can hold up to nearly 75 students. However, all first-year classes are generally 55 students or less. Class sizes continue to become smaller in the second- and third-year. All the courtrooms and rooms in the law library are also used for classrooms.


Outside the law school, two patios can be found on either side. Many students study and eat their lunch at the tables on the patios.



















Lucille Stewart Beeson Law Library

With more than 200,000 shelved volumes and 96,000 on microfiche, the library contains all federal and state judicial opinions and statutory codes. Students can read law reviews from every American law school, as well as access the Federal Register and Code of Federal Regulations, United States Hearings and Reports, and selected foreign common law rulings. 

Two computer labs and wireless laptop connections also offer instant access to additional resources, such as LexisNexis, Westlaw, e-mail, word processing, and the library catalogue. 

Adjoining the law school is the Lucille Stewart Beeson Law Library, a valuable resource for law students and practicing lawyers alike. Open and spacious, the library is designed to accommodate private study and discussion, housing 13 conference rooms, 474 study spaces, carrels with electrical connections, long tables, and comfortable seating. 



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