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Time after time, Cumberland School of Law graduates cite the quality and strength of the relationships with their professors as crucial to their success.

You can measure the quality of a law school by the quality of its faculty. The men and women who have earned the title of professor at Cumberland School of Law represent the multi-dimensional aspects of the legal field. Among their ranks, is a former state governor, a federal judge, and numerous former federal and state judicial law clerks. Four are members of the American Law Institute, and many are acclaimed and widely published legal scholars.

Not only does our faculty possess a wealth of knowledge and experience, they also have a passion for sharing it. There’s an unspoken “open-door” policy that exists in our hallways. 

-Learned Scholars, Seasoned Lawyers, Enthusiastic Mentors   

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"The faculty and staff are always willing to provide assistance, whether with an assignment, a job search or going with you to a community service project. I appreciate that professors take time to know you by name and even stop you in the hall just to see how your day is going. It is very refreshing to be part of a community that strives to develop and strengthen my knowledge of the law and continually pushes me to become an exceptional lawyer." 

Roderick Evans '10
2009–10 SBA President


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