Cumberland School of Law was listed as a 2013 "Military Friendly School" by ‚Äč

 Judge John L. Carroll '74

“Before I came to law school, I served four and a half years as an officer in the United States Marine Corps, including a year-long combat tour in Vietnam. I had not been in law school long when I realized that my service in the military was the best preparation I could ever have had for the rigors of the law school experience. The self-discipline and sense of team that you acquire by being in our armed forces will be a real asset to you here at Cumberland School of Law. Feel free to call or email me about my military experience and how that training will prepare you to be an exceptional lawyer.” 

Financing Your Legal Education

Every year, a number of officers from each branch are selected for participation in the Funded Legal Education Program (FLEP). If you are a member of a FLEP program, please let the law admission office know as soon as possible so that we may assist you in an expedient fashion. If you are interested in becoming FLEP eligible, you must go through your chain of command or visit a recruiter near you.

GI Bill
If you are (or were recently) a member of the United States Armed Forces, please visit to find out if you are eligible for Post 9/11 educational benefits under the G.I. Bill. At this website, you will be able to calculate the benefits for which you could be eligible. In addition to the tuition assistance you could receive, you may be eligible for monthly living and book stipends.

READ MORE from a few current and past law students with military backgrounds:


Dylan Mack '12
U.S. Army   

Michelle Ortiz '12
Non commissioned officer, U.S. Army Reserves


John Policastro '12
United States Military Academy at West Point

Robert Goss '06


Sherri Peace-Gordon '12
U.S. Army, Veteran


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