Online Courses and Flex-Time Option

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Cumberland School of Law has one of the region’s largest offerings of online courses delivered solely by Internet. Each class is designed as a self-contained, fully-interactive instructional law school course and is taught by our regular faculty. The American Bar Association (ABA) limits the amount of online course hours a law student at an ABA accredited law school can take. It is not possible to obtain a law degree completely online from an ABA accredited law school.

Cumberland School of Law Flex-Time Option

Flex-Time Option

Designed for individuals who need to ease into the rigors of law school, the Flex-Time option enables the student to complete a degree in five years or less. The flex-time option is ideal for non-traditional students, professionals with flexible employment status who wish to maintain some level of employment while carrying a slightly reduced course load or parents of school-age children who have additional responsibilities to tend to while in law school.

The flex-time program is not night school. Flex-time students attend class during the weekdays alongside full-time students. There are no weekend classes. Flex-time students pay an hourly tuition rate. Flex-time students take a minimum of eight credit hours and a maximum of nine credit hours each semester. It will take a flex-time student approximately two years to complete the required 30 credit hours of foundation courses. (A full-time law student completes the 30 credit hours of foundation courses in the first year of law school.) After the first 30 credit hours are completed, there will be more flexibility to choose elective courses. Elective courses will include the availability of some evening and online course options.

The admission process and requirements for flex-time are the same as the full-time program. When applying, applicants must indicate their interest in the flex-time option via the check box found within the application.

Please contact the Admission Office for more details on the flex-time program.

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