Rascal Day

Rascal Day remains a much anticipated event during Law Week in early March at Cumberland School of Law. This event brings together the law school's community, students, faculty, families and of course dogs for fun and festivities. 

Rascal Day continues to be a day that captures the spirit of the Cumberland Experience and its ability to develop well-rounded lawyers. 

The celebration honors a mongrel pup named Rascal. According to tradition, Rascal faithfully attended classes at the law school’s former campus in Lebanon, Tennessee, beginning in 1933. In 1937, he was awarded the rare degree of doctor of canine jurisprudence. Legend states the diploma was awarded in recognition of the hundreds of classes and mock trials at which Rascal's attendance had been difficult to ignore.

When he passed away in 1940, Rascal was buried beneath the window of the law classroom where he had spent so much time.

When Cumberland School of Law moved to Birmingham, Ala., in 1961, Rascal’s tombstone and a few spadefuls of dirt from his grave were brought to Samford's campus and reinterred on the west side of Robinson Hall. 

Each year, a procession of two- and four-legged creatures commemorate one of the law school's most memorable graduates.



   Crowd view of Rascal Day festivities   


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