Trial Advocacy Program

At Cumberland School of Law, students have opportunities for realistic jury trial training above and beyond most law schools. The entry-level trial advocacy course is Basic Skills in Trial Advocacy. In this class, students master the basics of each component of a trial. A full-time faculty member teaches students how to perform each skill. Outstanding guest attorneys provide demonstrations. Extensive hands-on student exercises in classes of eight students follow each week. Students practice and perform these skills until they are mastered through bench and jury trials.

Students who want to take their trial skills to the next level and incorporate the latest courtroom technologies take Advanced Skills in Trial Advocacy. Enrollment in this advanced course is limited to 12 students per semester, with selection based on merit. The course is the ultimate in realistic trial skills training. Everything is performed in the most realistic manner possible, including using real child witnesses and doing direct and cross examinations of actual physicians, forensic accountants, document examiners and arson experts. Throughout the semester, students master the use of technology while presenting a case in the law school’s state-of-the-art Hare, Wynn, Newell & Newton Advanced Advocacy Courtroom. All classes are videotaped so the student and the instructor can review the performance by logging on through any Internet connection. Advanced Skills in Trial Advocacy culminates in a jury trial tried before real judges and juries of local citizens. Each student uses technology to present evidence. Witnesses include actual law enforcement agents and forensic chemists. The student attorneys watch juror deliberations via cameras.

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