Appellate Advocacy I

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LaJuana S. Davis

Welcome to Appellate Advocacy. The text for this course is Ruth Ann Robbins, Your Client's Story: Persuasive Legal Writing (2012) (YCS), ISBN: 9781454805489

First week assignments

Tuesday, August 20--read YCS, pp. 1-36.

—complete an online testing assignment out of class before BEFORE noon on Thursday, August 22. Tuesday, August 21. You may want to knock it out before classes start. The instructions for the online testing assignments are below. There are no readings for that day.

Thursday, August 22—read YCS, pp. 37-50.

Instructions for the first day assignment

Solid grammar is a cornerstone of professional level legal writing and requires that you learn some grammar rules that are unique to the field of law. To ensure that you are armed with the grammar skills you need to begin your legal career profitably, I have adopted Core Grammar for Lawyers (CGL), an online learning tool, for this course. The one-year subscription is $38, which is cheaper (and probably more fun) than the grammar and usage texts that I would have assigned. Core Grammar is a required component of the course.

Why should you bother to do CoreGrammar?

  1. Everyone needs practice sessions to reinforce his or her skills. This is why teams impose fines on their best players when those players skip practice.
  2. Even if you already done something once, you may need more time mastering the skill.
  3. It is a required part of the course.

Please purchase a one-year subscription for $38 (and you are welcome to purchase a longer subscription if you wish, but it is not needed for this course). To purchase your subscription, go to

If you have problems reaching that link, follow the subscription links at

Purchasing the program is a two-step process.  First, you will purchase your subscription.  Next, you will “activate” your subscription.  When you activate your subscription, enter this exact Class Code (which is unique for our section):


After you purchase and activate your subscription, you may add your Class Code by going to “My Account” and selecting “edit.”

Once your subscription is activated, you are ready to begin.  The first step is to open the PreTest by clicking on the link on the home page (called your “Bookshelf”).  Remember three things:

  1. Do NOT opt-out of the Pre-Test.  Instead, set aside 45-90 minutes to answer the Pre-Test questions to the best of your ability. 
  2. Do NOT consult outside resources.  It is a closed book exam to get the most accurate picture of your strengths.
  3. Take the Pre-Test BEFORE noon on August 22, 2013.

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