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Howard P. Walthall
  1. Required Course Materials
  2. Assignment for First Day of Class
  3. Course Information:  Two “Throwback” Rules


  1. Required Course Materials
  1. Casebook:  Kuney and Lloyd, Contracts:  Transactions and Litigation (Thomson/West, Third Edition.    Always bring to class.  Use it for preparing your “briefs”.  (I will post on the bulletin board outside my office (Room 210, across from the Great Room where you probably will have activities during Orientation “Called to the Bar” week) a template for a “brief,” probably similar to others that have been or will be suggested to you). 
  1. Statutory Supplement:  Burton & Eisenberg (eds), Contract Law:  Selected Course Materials  (Thomson/West, 2013 edition; an earlier edition will be ok (for example, if you know an upper class student who took the course last year who passes it on to you).  Always bring to class.  Whenever there is a reference in the casebook to a Supplemental Authority, such as the Restatement, the UCC, the CISG, or the UNIDROIT principles (see the discussion in the Casebook Introduction, beginning at p. vii) read it as if it were set forth verbatim in the casebook.  For example, on page 2 of the Casebook, there is a reference to R.2d 24.  That is a reference to Restatement Second of Contracts, sec. 24, which you will find in the Statutory Supplement.  Read the Comment to the Section as well, so that you can answer the questions on page 3 of the Casebook.
  1. Assignment for First Class Assignment
  1. The reading for the first class is the material from p. 1 of the Casebook through the middle of p. 11 (down to the Embry case).  That includes the case of Lucy v. Zehmer which you should be prepared to recite at the first meeting of the class.    That is, if you are the lucky person called on the first day of class, you should rise, written brief in hand, and give the case.  Over the weekend before the first class meeting, work hard on your hand brief of Lucy v Zehmer.
  1. You should also read with great care pp. v-xv of the Introduction, which provides important information on the use of the casebook itself as well as the use of Supplemental Authorities. 
  1.  Course Information: Two “Throwback” Rules

Two preliminary ground rules you should be aware of even before we begin the semester.

  1. This is a class in which you will be asked to stand and recite when called upon.
  2.  The use of laptops and similar devices is prohibited during class.  This prohibition includes their use for note-taking as well as any other use.   You may have your laptops, cell phones, etc in the room for use before or after class, but not during class itself.

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