Elder Law

Course Number: 
Michael D. Floyd

The casebook for our seminar will be:

A. Kimberley Dayton and Molly M. Wood, Elder Law: Readings, Cases, and Materials (Carolina Academic Press 4th ed, 2012 rev.)

This book is available only in electronic format for your Kindle or similar device, which I hope will be convenient for you. I haven’t entirely made the transition to all-electronic books, but the advantages of this one include a relatively low price and up-to-date material.

In addition, if you’d like a page-turner for the last few weeks of summer that will give you some perspective on some of the material we’ll discuss, I recommend:

Sue Grafton, T is for Trespass (2007).

Our first class meeting will be on Tuesday, August 20. Please read and be prepared to discuss Chapters 1 and 2 in the Dayton and Wood casebook. This should be the heaviest reading assignment you’ll have for the seminar; I think it’s worthwhile to address both of these topics in our first meeting, so as to leave sufficient class time for in-depth treatment of the other subjects we’ll discuss. The last four class meetings will be devoted to your presentation of your research to the seminar group. The Sue Grafton novel will be more relevant to our discussion of Victimization, Abuse, and Neglect in our August 27 meeting.

I look forward to seeing you on August 20.

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