Employment Discrimination

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D. Wendy Greene

The required casebook for Employment Discrimination Law is Employment Discrimination Law: Cases and Materials on Equality in the Workplace (West), Edited by Avery, Corrada, et. al., 8th Edition. It is the same edition used during the fall 2012 semester employment discrimination course; therefore, if students would like to purchase a used 8th Edition, they will have the correct book. In the bookstore, students will also find a statutory supplement for purchase. The supplement is not a required text and thus is completely optional.

All students must enroll in the course on TWEN. The first reading assignment for Tuesday (and which will likely spill over into Thursday) is to read pages 2-20 in the text and to review the following statutes posted on TWEN under Course Materials: Title VII, Section 1981, the 1991 Civil Rights Act, ADEA, and ADAAA.

For Thursday, please read pages 20-27 and 34-40 in the text. Please also read the Swierkiewicz case which is located under Course Materials on TWEN.

If you have any questions regarding the reading assignment or the course more generally, please feel free to contact Professor Greene via email at wendy.greene@samford.edu.

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