Introduction to Business Concepts

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Joseph A. Snoe

Textbook: Jackson Kaplow, Shavell, Viscusi & Cope, ANALYTICAL METHODS FOR LAWYERS  (Foundation Press 2d ed. 2010)

Supplement: Please pick up a copy of the Supplement in Room 239. The Supplement may be available Friday afternoon. For sure they have been promised by Monday morning.


Key to Assignments:
PAGES  - Study cited pages in text book, Analytical Methods for Lawyers.

SUPP  - Study cited pages Supplement.  Write answers to all problems in the Supplement. You should write down in your answer in a structured step-by-step presentation. Turn in a copy of your work at the beginning of class.



Decision Trees
SUPP 1-2, (write out answers to problems)
PAGES v-ix, 1-14, 21-24
SUPP 3:  Simple Settlement Problem

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