Payment Systems

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Michael D. Floyd

The casebook for our course on Payment Systems will be Ronald J. Mann, Payment Systems and Other Financial Transactions: Cases, Materials, and Problems (5th ed 2011).

You will also need a statute book. The Samford bookstore is ordering the 2013 edition of Ronald L. Mann et al, ed., Comprehensive Commercial Law: Statutory Supplement (Aspen 2013), which is the statute book I will use in class. If you have a statute book from another publisher or from last year, or both, that will probably suffice for most purposes.

It shouldn’t make much difference whether your statute book is a 2012 or 2013 edition. There are inevitable changes each year in the statutes and regulations, but those should be relatively minor from 2012 to 2013. Perhaps more significant, there is some specialized material in the Aspen statute book that doesn’t appear in other publishers’ offerings, and you’ll need that material for a few assignments in the casebook. Neither of those considerations makes a used statute book a bad idea – especially if it’s a great bargain – but they will make the Mann et al 2013 statute book a little more convenient.

For our first class on Monday, August 19, please read and be prepared to discuss the following in the Mann casebook, paying particular attention to the problems at the end of Assignment 1:

  • Preface (pages xxiii-xxiv)
  • Introduction to Part One (pages 3-11)
  • Assignment 1 (pages 13-25).

I look forward to seeing you on August 19.

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