Race and American Law

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D. Wendy Greene

The first reading assignment for Race and American Law is now posted on TWEN. Therefore, please enroll in the course on TWEN and you will find the first reading assignment posted under the Course Materials Tab and within the folder titled, “Class One: Race and Racial Hierarchy.”  

In addition to the assigned reading, you are also assigned to watch the movie entitled “Skin” (starring Sophie Okonedo). A copy of the movie in DVD is on reserve in the Law Library for 3 hour checkout. You may watch it individually or collectively with your classmates. You may also rent the movie from Netflix, view on Netflix online, and/or rent the movie on I-Tunes (for $3.99).  More information on “Skin” is available here:  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0964586/.

In light of the assigned reading and viewing of the movie, “Skin,” the primary inquiries for the first class are as follows:

  • What is race? Is race a social, legal, biological, cultural, or political construct (or possibly combination thereof)?
  • How do you define race?
  • How do you classify your race? Upon what bases or characteristics do you categorize yourself racially?
  • How have privileges and rights been historically afforded or denied on the basis of race? 
  • What race-based privileges and rights continue to be afforded or exercised contemporarily?
  • In what ways has the law constructed and maintained race-based privileges and rights?
  • How does race operate in society, e.g., is race a salient factor in one’s daily life and lived conditions?
  • Is the construction of race fixed, fluid, or possibly both?
  • How are the construction of race and the lived experiences based upon race similar and/or different across the globe?

For questions concerning the course and/or the first reading assignment, please contact Professor Greene via email at wendy.greene@samford.edu.

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