Civil Procedure

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William G. Ross

The assigned casebook is Jack H. Friedenthal, Arthur R. Miller, John E. Sexton, and Helen Hershkoff, Civil Procedure: Cases and Materials (West, 11th ed., 2013).  Students also should purchase the 2014-2015 annual supplement, which includes relevant rules, statutes, and forms. The supplement is not scheduled to arrive at the Samford bookstore until a few days before classes begin.

For the first class, students should read pages 1 to 27 of the casebook and Federal Rules of Civil Procedure 1 and 8(a), which are found in the supplement to the casebook.  Class discussion will focus on section 3 of part A (pages 10 to12) and on parts D and E (pages 24 to 27). 

For the second class, students should read pages 559 through 568 of the casebook and Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 12(b)(6).

The instructor will distribute a course outline and list of reading assignments during the first class.

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