Constitutional Law

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William G. Ross

The assigned textbook for the course is Michael Kent Curtis, J. Wilson Parker, Davison M. Douglas, Paul Finkelman, and William G. Ross, Constitutional Law in Context, Vol. 1 (3rd ed., 2011). The second volume will be assigned for the spring semester.  The final reading assignment for this semester will be from volume 2, but the instructor will provide photo copies for students who have not yet purchased volume 2. The annual supplement for the books is published online and is available there at no cost.

For the first class, students should read pages 5-6, 21-39, and 311-312 (through the first paragraph of section B) of the casebook, and Article III of the U.S. Constitution.

For the second class, students should read pages 313 to 330 of the casebook.

The instructor will distribute an outline during the first class.

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