Criminal Law

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LaJuana S. Davis

Text: Cynthia Lee & Angela Harris, Criminal Law: Cases and Materials 3d (2014).  Note: There are second editions of this book around, so if you do not mind being off a little on page numbers, feel free to shop around.

First week assignments

Tuesday, August 19—Read pp. 1-31. What I would like you to get out of this reading is an understanding of the sources of criminal law (Common law, statutory law, and MPC) and the theories of punishment (deterrence, rehabilitation, incapacitation, and retribution.

Thursday, August 21—Read pp. 38-56. For this reading, I would like you to understand the players in the criminal justice system (prosecution, defense, judge, and jury) and the discretion that they can exercise in their roles (charging, standards of review, and nullification).

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