Criminal Law

Course Number: 
Robert J. Goodwin


Monday, August 18 at 12:00 in Room 114.

Class meets in Room 114 every Monday and Wednesday from 12:00 pm till 1:15 pm


Joshua Dressler & Stephen Garvey, Cases And Materials On Criminal Law (6th edition)

FIRST ASSIGNMENT (Monday, August 18):          

Read pages 1-9 in Dressler & Garvey (stop at, AD. PROOF OF GUILT AT TRIAL@)

SECOND ASSIGNMENT (Wednesday, August 20):

  1. Read pages 9-18 in Dressler & Garvey (omit Note 4 on pages 11-13);
  2. Brief Owens v. State (pages 13-16), and
  3. Be prepared to discuss the Notes and Questions on pages 10-13 (with the exception of Note 4.) and also the Notes and Questions on pages 16-18.

A course syllabus will be handed out and discussed during the first class meeting, and will also be posted on the class TWEN site by Monday, August 18.

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