Federal Income Tax

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Alyssa DiRusso

Text:  Freeland, Lathrop, Lind & Stephens, Fundamentals of Federal Income Taxation (Foundation Press, 17th ed. 2013)(ISBN 9781609303570).  The statutory supplement (ISBN 9780314288981, or similar recent Federal Income Tax Code and Regulations) is strongly recommended, particularly because the exam will be open-book but will not allow online access, but you may instead access the Code and Regulations through Lexis or Westlaw for the reading if you prefer.

First Assignment: Pages 16-35 and 39-44.  Also good to skim parts A-C (pages 3-16) of Chapter 1 for introduction and grounding, but class discussion will not emphasize these sections.

Does your last name start with M (as in Money)?  You might suspect that you will be solicited for input during the first day of class.  Those with N, O, or P surnames may also be inclined to over prepare.

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