Professional Responsibilities

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William G. Ross

The assigned casebook is Geoffrey C. Hazard Jr. , Susan P. Koniak, Roger C. Cramton, George M. Cohen,  and W. Bradley Wendel, The Law and Ethics of Lawyering (Foundation Press, 5th ed., 2010). Students also should obtain a copy of the 2012 American Bar Association Model Rules of Professional Conduct, with Comments. This is available in Professional Responsibility: Standards, Rules & Statutes (2014-15 edition, John S. Dzienkowski, ed.), which is at the bookstore.

For the first class, students should study pages 1-3, 13-26, and 43-56 of the casebook.

For the second class, students should study pages 859-885 of the casebook and Rules 1.1, 1.8(h), and Rule 1.4 of the American Bar Association’s Model Rules of Professional Conduct.

The instructor will distribute a course outline during the first class.

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