Bankruptcy Law

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Michael D. Floyd

The casebook for our course in bankruptcy law will be Elizabeth Warren & Jay Lawrence Westbrook, The Law of Debtors and Creditors: Text, Cases, and Problems (6th ed. 2009). I’ve asked the Samford Bookstore to order a new looseleaf edition of the Warren & Westbrook casebook, because (1) it’s less expensive than the hardbound edition, (2) you don’t have to carry the entire book around with you all the time, and (3) it offers access to an electronic version. I’ll be interested to know what you think of this experiment. The 6th edition of this book has been around for a few years, so there should also be used copies of the hardbound version available, and new copies of the hardbound edition are also available from various vendors.

You will also need a statute book. Aspen offers two different statutory supplements, either of which will work fine for this course (and the Secured Transactions course, if you’re also taking that). The bookstore has ordered Elizabeth Warren, Bankruptcy and Article 9: 2012 Statutory Supplement (Aspen 2012). The other Aspen choice is Ronald L. Mann et al, ed., Comprehensive Commercial Law: Statutory Supplement (Aspen 2012), which is a little heavier and more expensive but a better choice if you’re also planning to take the Payment Systems course. A 2011 edition of either book should work just fine. There should be used copies available of the Mann et al Comprehensive 2011 edition, which I  used last year for Bankruptcy, Payment Systems, and Secured Transactions. Other statute books are available containing the Bankruptcy Code and UCC Article 9; any of those from the past year or two should suffice. If you have a question about whether a particular statute book will work, I’ll be happy to discuss that with you. Our first class meeting will be on Monday, January 7, at noon. For that class, please read and be prepared to discuss the following:

  • Preface and Special Notice (casebook pages xxiii-xxvi and xxxi)
  • Chapter 1 (casebook pages 3-31, including problems 1.1, 1.2, 1.4, and 1.6 on pages 28-31).

Please note that the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is Subchapter V (the 800s) of the Consumer Credit Protection Act, 15 U.S.C. §§ 1692 et seq. It appears in the 2012 Warren statutory supplement at page 451 et seq., and in the 2012 Mann et al statutory supplement at page 1091 et seq.

I look forward to seeing you on January 7.

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