Criminal Procedure I

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LaJuana S. Davis

Sam Kamin and Ricardo J. Bascuas, Investigative Criminal Procedure : A Contemporary Approach


For the first week, please read

Kamin, 1-30 (Olmstead, Katz)
Kamin, 31-69 (Oliver, White, Miller, Greenwood)

Two books are required for this course: Investigative Criminal Procedure : A Contemporary Approach and Skills & Values: Criminal Procedure

The first is Investigative Criminal Procedure : A Contemporary Approach
Sam Kamin and Ricardo J. Bascuas (2011)
ISBN: 0314206469
ISBN-13: 9780314206466

This book is new, which means that it is expensive. It is also heavy, but is an interactive casebook. It has an ebook version/app that comes with the book.

Second hand copies are available on the internet;, for example, is selling it half-price; others are cheaper than that. Also, if some of you are ebook people and others are hardcover people who do not plan to use the ebook access, there is nothing stopping anyone from sharing the book. Just saying.

The second required book is Skills & Values: Criminal Procedure
Susan Kay & William Cohen
Matthew Bender/ LexisNexis

There are several ways to get this book.

  1. This book is available in Lexis’s bookstore at http://www.lexisnexis/lawschool/store either in paperback or ebook editions.
  1. On Amazon’s Kindle/ eBook edition:
  1. Because this is a new book, Samford’s bookstore may not have copies until right before the semester starts, but it is on order.

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