Externship Seminar

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Deborah Young

First Assignment:

            Our first seminar meeting will be on Tuesday, January 8 at noon.  Please read pages 1-9 in your text to prepare for that class.  We will discuss the reading and review all of the requirements for the externship.  If you are considering any change in your externship plans, please come by room 201 to see Ms. Luke or me on Monday or Tuesday, January 7 or 8.

            As you know from registration, the Externship Seminar for Spring 2013 will have an intensive class on Friday, January 11.  We will begin promptly at 9:00 in room 115 and will finish by 3:00.  This intensive class meeting is mandatory for all students taking Externship Seminar I.  We will then only meet six additional times during the semester, so you will have a more flexible schedule that may assist you in completing your externship hours.

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