Contracts II

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Howard P. Walthall

First Class Assignment and Other Matters

A.  For the first week of class in the spring semester, be prepared on Chapter 16 of the Casebook, pp. 411 through 443.  For our first class meeting, we will focus on the material from 411 through 423 (express warranty) but I expect to get into implied warranties as well, so be prepared on the entire chapter. 

B.  Don’t forget to bring your statutory supplement.   A lot of our focus in this particular part of the material will be on the UCC.  Please be study and become familiar with the UCC provisisons on warranty liability, including 2-313, 2-314, and 2-315.  Study the comments as well as the text.  

C.  This semester we will focus a lot of attention on the problems in the materials.  There is a series of problems in Chapter 16.  Work through them ahead of class.  For the first class meeting, be prepared at least through Problem 16-5.

D.  The no-computer rule from the first semester will no longer apply,  We will be covering a lot of material and those who use computers for taking notes are welcome to do so, with the usual caveat that the use of computers during class time is for class purposes only, not for social networking or whatever.  If I suspect there is a failure to adhere to this limitation, then I reserve the right to re-institute the no-computer rule or take other appropriate action (such as administering a pop quiz for example).  If you have a need to be checking email (sick child for example) let me know and that will be fine.  

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