Professor David Smolin

Current and Prior Research Fellows Current Research Associates Law Review Symposium Editor

Kristen Burge (Class of 2010)                  

Victoria Ingenito (Class of 2011)                                                         

David Rohwedder (Class of 2009)
Jared Kerr (Class of 2008)
Kelley Moyers (Class of 2008)
Jakarra Jones (Class of 2007)
Brian R. Mooney (Class of 2006)
Holly Bennet (Class of 2005)

John Bowles (Class of 2008)
Kelley Moyers (Class of 2008)
Steven Owens (Class of 2008)
Kelli Hooper (Class of 2007)
Kelly Ransom (Class of 2007)
April Wise (Class of 2008)
Kyle Hankey (Class of 2007)


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