Cumberland Professors in the News

Cumberland is fortunate to have professors that are nationally and internationally recognized experts in their field. I want to reference two of those professors in this blog.

Professor David Smolin is an internationally recognized expert on intercountry adoptions. He is a frequent presenter at seminars on this topic all over the world. Recently, he participated in an online forum sponsored by the New York Times on international adoption. He was one of the experts recruited by the Times to participate. The other participants included Professor Betsy Bartholet of Harvard. You may view the forum at:

Professor Smolin was also interviewed as an expert for a story done by the English version of Al Jazeera on a story they are doing on two children who were abducted from their parents in Guatemala and ended up being adopted by families in the U.S. through normal intercountry adoption processes. That story is due to air in June.

Professor Bill Ross is a nationally recognized expert on the United States Supreme Court. He is a frequent op-ed columnist for Jurist Magazine, a very well respected on-line legal journal published by the law school at the University of Pittsburgh. His recent op-ed piece is timely, and I commend it to you for your reading. It is entitled “Should Obama Nominate a Justice Without Judicial Experience?” The piece traces the history of appointments and examines the pros and cons of judicial vs. non-judicial appointments. The article may be viewed at:

I want to thank Professors Smolin and Ross for their contributions to these important topics.

Judge John L. Carroll, Dean