The Post-American World: Release 2.0

Fareed Zakaria
Michael D. Floyd

Many of us are concerned about the place of the United States in the 21st-Century world. Often – and unfortunately, in my view – the focus is on a declining U.S., with anxious exhortations to fight off the looming threats to U.S. supremacy. Fareed Zakaria’s book focuses on the ascent of other nations, especially China and India, and suggests a productive reframing of 21st-Century trends. Finding the appropriate policies to maximize U.S. progress is vitally important, but there is ample debate about those issues. The Post-American World offers an additional perspective that I consider vital to our productive role in the 21st-Century world – The rise of other economies in the world is inevitable, and we risk missing enormous opportunities if we fail to accept that reality, understand other cultures, and build constructive bridges with the other emerging powers around the globe.