Atlas Shrugged

Ayn Rand
Michael D. Floyd

You’ve probably seen and heard the buzz about the influence of this author and this book on our current political discourse. You may have read this or a related book in high school or college. I read it in 10th or 11th grade; this summer I decided that I needed to re-read it, think about it more deeply than I did as a teenager, and see where that leads. I’d enjoy some company in that exercise. I’m thinking we’ll have (1) a preliminary meeting in the next couple of weeks, to talk about what we bring to this exercise and what we hope to accomplish (without any expectation that you will have read much or any of the book); (2) another meeting in October to talk about initial impressions (recognizing that the book is 1100+ pages long and few, if any, will have finished it by then); and (3) perhaps another meeting in January or February to reflect further.