Welcome to the Office of Career Development!  Thank you for your consideration of our students and graduates.  Our office is committed to making the hiring process as productive and efficient as it can be for employers and our student/graduate applicants.  We are eager to provide any assistance we can to facilitate the hiring process.  To become a part of our Career Development network and to receive updates on programs and schedules, you may register at any time on our online Symplicity system by visiting the Symplicity Employer Page.  The most common methods by which employers hire Cumberland lawyers are explained below.

​Posting a Job in Symplicity

Symplicity is Cumberland's online job bank & On-Campus Interview (OCI) management system.  Employers registered in the Symplicity system may login through the Symplicity Employer Page and post an open position at any time.  Students and alumni can submit application materials online, which will subsequently be emailed to you, or you can specify an alternate method of application in your job posting.  We believe you will enjoy the convenience this technology provides, but we would still like to hear from you anytime you have questions or concerns about the hiring process.  Please contact Nicole Otero for assistance in posting a job in Symplicity.

​Fall & Spring Recruiting

  • On-Campus Interviews
    Each fall and spring, Career Development welcomes employers to participate in our on-campus interviewing (OCI) programs.  The Fall OCI Program begins in September and continues to mid-November.  The Spring OCI Program begins in February and ends in early April.  Employers may submit a "Schedule Request" via Symplicity and complete a brief form with preferred interview dates and any specific requirements.  Interview dates are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis and are confirmed by email.
  • Resume Collections
    Employers who are unable to interview on-campus but would like to interview students in their offices during OCI periods may request a schedule via Symplicity by checking the box for "Resume Collect."  Applicants will submit application materials online.  When the application deadline passes, Symplicity will generate a PDF document including all application materials and email it to the employer for review.  After receiving the application materials, the employer can arrange an interview at any time by contacting students directly.
  • Career Fairs
    Career Development hosts a Government Career Fair in the fall and a Public Interest Career Fair in the spring.  During these fairs, employers set up informational booths and answer students' questions regarding their organizations.  Interview suites are available for "on-the-spot" interviews or we can set up a schedule and collect application materials through the Symplicity system for interviews at a later date.  To participate in these career fairs, please email Emily Ferris at eferris@samford.edu.

Job Fairs

Cumberland participates in several off-campus job fairs designed to give employers the opportunity to interview interested applicants from many law schools at one central location.  Employers may screen and pre-select applicants they wish to interview.  For information on these job fairs, please contact Emily Ferris at eferris@samford.edu.

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