Programs & Resources


  • Lunch with a Lawyer
    The Office of Career Development presents a "Lunch with a Lawyer" series in which Cumberland alumni and other attorneys come to campus to discuss the practical aspects of their work in traditional and non-traditional legal jobs.  Lunch is provided to students who register to attend these events.
  • Mock Interview Program
    Mock interviews are the most effective means of improving interview skills.  Each January, Career Development sponsors a Mock Interview Program in which many local lawyers come to campus to interview our first-year students and provide constructive feedback.  Historically, this is a large and highly successful program, with the overwhelming majority of first-year students participating.  We also arrange individual mock interviews for 2L and 3L students who feel they would benefit from there.
  • Career Fairs
    Each year, Career Development hosts a Government Career Fair in the fall and a Public Interest Career Fair in the spring.  During these career fairs, employers set up information booths and answer students' questions regarding their organizations.  Many employers use these career fairs to recruit students for summer internships.


  • Career Development Library
    The Career Development Library includes books, directories, periodicals and video recordings on a wide range of topics related to legal employment and career development.  Most books may be signed-out for a period of three days.
  • Career Development Computer Lab
    The Career Development Computer Lab contains four computers for students to use to research and apply to employers, prepare application materials, or to check email.  Each computer is connected to a printer that students may use for job search purposes.
  • Telephone, Fax and Copier
    It is not uncommon for students to need a quiet place to make an employment-related telephone call.  Students are welcome to make these calls in the interview rooms in our office.  Students may also use the fax machine and copier for job search purposes.
  • Study Rooms
    The Career Development Suite contains a library with four large, comfortable chairs, as well as two interview rooms that are only used for part of the year.  Students seeking a quiet place to study are welcome to use these rooms during our regular office hours.

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