Symplicity is Cumberland's online job bank and on-campus interview management system.  In addition, we use Symplicity as a virtual resource library to store various handouts, videos and other resources that you will find useful during your job search and your professional development.

To obtain your Symplicity login information you must fill out a registration form and complete several other requirements specified during your first year of law school.  Students may access Symplicity to apply for jobs or on-campus interviews and to explore the resource library.  Please direct your Symplicity-related questions to Nicole Otero at

  • Job Postings
    Throughout the year, various employers ask us to post immediate job openings on our Symplicity job board.  These opportunities may be for permanent (postgraduate) positions, summer positions, or part-time jobs during the academic year.  To search for current job postings, login in to Symplicity and click on the "Jobs & Resumes Collections" tab.  Please carefully review the requirements and make sure to proofread your application materials before you upload them to Symplicity.
  • ​On-Campus Interviews (OCI)
    Each fall and spring, Career Development welcomes employers to participate in our on-campus interviewing (OCI) programs.  After employer registration ends, you may login to Symplicity to see the employers scheduled to interview on campus during a given week.  To apply (or "bid for") an interview, simply upload the required application materials and click "Apply."  The following week, you should check the status of your bid in Symplicity to see if you were preselected.  If so, please choose your interview time immediately.
  • ​Resume Collections
    Employers who do not interview on campus (often out-of-town employers) sometimes ask us to collect resumes from interested students and to forward the resumes to them in one packet.  After reviewing the resumes, an employer will contact the selected candidates individually to arrange interviews.
  • ​Off-Campus Interview Programs
    Cumberland participates in several off-campus interview programs (or "job fairs") in various cities.  For information on these job fairs, please contact Emily Ferris at
  • ​Virtual Resource Library
    ​To access our virtual resource library, log in to Symplicity and click on the "Resources" tab.  Here you will find handouts with tips on building your legal resume, writing cover letters, and conducting informational interviews, as well as other helpful documents that can assist you with your job search and using the Symplicity system.  We have also uploaded links to videos of some of our educational programs, including our Loan Forgiveness Program.

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