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What is the enrollment at Cumberland School of Law?

Fall 2013 total enrollment at Cumberland: 421.

Samford University's total enrollment is about 4,833.


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What is the entering class size?

The entering first-year Fall 2013 class had 172 students.

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How large are first-year classes?

With the exception of the Lawyering Skills and Legal Reasoning (LLR) course, which is smaller, students can expect to have about 50 to 55 students in their first-year classes.

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What is the student-faculty ratio?

The fall 2013, the student-faculty ratio was 12:1.

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Are faculty members accessible to students?

Faculty offices are located on the second-floor of the law school building, just a few steps away from first-floor classrooms. Faculty post their office hours and often leave their office doors open as they welcome students' inquiries. The faculty have a genuine interest in the students and are focused on providing quality legal education while pursuing a high degree of legal scholarship. At times, this involves use of the internet to facilitate dialogue and debate on various issues.

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What is the average course load?

The average course load is 15 hours. In order to receive the JD degree, students must complete at least 90 semester hours of acceptable credit with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher. Most students earn the JD degree in three years.

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Is summer school offered?

Yes, for both entering and current students. Entering students have the option of coming to summer school. Students who want to begin in the summer take two first-year elective courses designed for entering law students. Second- and third-year law students may choose from a variety of summer courses at Cumberland or participate a school-sponsored study abroad program.

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