Does Cumberland School of Law allow admitted applicants to defer admission?

Deferment is only offered to applicants called into active military duty or students in other extreme extenuating circumstances as determined by the Office of Admission. Outside of those situations, applicants who wish to attend Cumberland School of Law at a later date much reapply or reactivate their file.

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Does the Admission Office offer evaluative interviews?

While visits to the law school are strongly encouraged, interviews are granted by request only, are informal in nature and have no bearing on admission to the law school.

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What is required for one to apply to Cumberland School of Law as a transfer student?

Only students who are enrolled in other ABA-accredited law schools will be eligible to apply for transfer. Samford University's Cumberland School of Law will not accept a transfer application from an applicant who has been academically dismissed from another law school. If admitted, up to 40 hours of law school course credits may be transferable to Cumberland School of Law.

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What is required for one to apply to Cumberland School of Law as a visiting/transient student?

Depending on the availability of space, a limited number of students enrolled at other ABA-accredited law schools may be admitted to Samford University's Cumberland School of Law as visiting or transient students. Those interested in applying for visiting/transient status should note that current Cumberland School of Law students who pre-register in a timely manner will receive priority if a course is over-subscribed.

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Are tours of the law school and law library available?

Yes. Those interested in visiting the school or attending a first-year class are encouraged attend an Open House or schedule an appointment through the admission office. E-mail:, 205-726-2702 or toll free 1-800-888-7213.  Read more about visits.

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I'd like to talk to a Cumberland School of Law alum from my area. How can I make contact?

Simply contact the admission office at 205-726-2702, toll free 1-800-888-7213 or via e-mail at

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What are the minimum requirements for laptop computers?

Minimum requirements for Windows computers are:

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Does the Law School have wireless internet access?

Yes. Samford University currently provides wireless internet access across campus. Cumberland School of Law has wireless access points installed throughout Robinson Hall and the Lucille Stewart Beeson Law Library. 99% of the law school building and most areas in the law library currently have wireless internet access.

For instructions to connect to Samford University's wireless network, go to

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Does Cumberland School of Law have an early decision plan?

No. However, the law school has rolling admission, so admission decisions are made on a continuous basis once an applicant’s file becomes complete. Some decisions may be made as early as December. We begin receiving applications on September 1st. March 14th is the ultimate deadline to submit your application, personal statement, resume and any addenda.

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