Paternity Service Docket

At the Paternity Service Docket, Cumberland School of Law students run a docket three Fridays a month throughout the year at Family Court in Jefferson County, Ala. When someone applies for child support through the Alabama Department of Human Resources, the docket appears in Family Court. Based on the information given within the docket, a defendant is served.

Law students meet one-on-one with parties to file paperwork to order paternity testing. They schedule a court date for the judge to make a ruling on the paternity and the amount of child support payment. In the past, law students have helped to calculate child support payments. In addition, if the defendant is not served, law students investigate how to locate the missing parties and provide any details they find to the special investigator.

Law students participating in the 2013 Paternity Docket training.

Law students at Family Court.


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