RLMP for Residence Life Staff

The Residence Life staff at Samford can refer students to the Cumberland Community Mediation Center (CCMC) for mediation. The students should be experiencing some type of conflict they are having difficulty resolving. 

  • Understand that mediation does not have to be a last resort. 
  • If personal relationships with the students could be irreparably harmed by your involvement, do not hesitate to contact the CCMC for assistance.

To refer students to mediation, fill out the mediation referral form and give each student a copy. Then, send the forms to Tim Cook (tcook@samford.edu) at the CCMC. The CCMC will then contact the appropriate staff member at the Residence Life Office and the students to schedule a date and time for mediation. 

In addition to emailing referral forms, forms can be sent interoffice mail (Samford campus only) or USPS mail to the following contact.

Heal Relationships • Resolve Conflict • Think Positive • Voice Your Opinion • Compromise • Move Forward • Take Responsibility • Show Respect • Talk It Out • Listen • Leave The Past Behind • Grow • Be Proactive

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