Continuing Legal Education

Cumberland School of Law offers a full complement of Continuing Legal Education seminars led by distinguished attorneys from the Alabama Bar, top legal consultants from across the nation, and our own outstanding faculty.  For information, contact Cumberland CLE at (205) 726-2391 or 1-800-888-7454, or e-mail us.


Schedule of Live Seminars

All seminars are offered in Birmingham unless otherwise indicated.

Live Webcasts:

A Live Webcast of Robert Musante’s Nationally Acclaimed Seminar:

Great Adverse Depositions: Principles and Principal Techniques

Fast-paced and highly entertaining, this program brilliantly analyses the most important teachable aspect of civil litigation. It has garnered rave reviews from litigators in Nebraska and nationwide.

Robert is the country’s foremost teacher of deposition cross-examination skills [Do the Google!] and has who has taught more than 40,000 litigators and 80+ litigation law firms.

Detailed Agendas & How to Register

Online, On-demand Courses

Cumberland School of Law CLE offers a wide range of online CLE courses.  Conveniently view anytime, anywhere, in increments of time that are convenient for you, and without the time and expense of travel away from your office.  Pursuant to Alabama CLE Rule 4.1.16, you can receive half (6) of your CLE credit hours per year online.

Please note that you must follow ALL the steps to submit a completion certificate in order to receive MCLE credit in Alabama.  Alabama MCLE regulations permit attorneys to earn six hours annually for pre-approved, online courses.

Mandatory Professionalism Seminars

The Alabama State Bar MCLE Rule 9 requires all newly admitted members of the bar to complete a three (3) hour course in professionalism within twelve (12) months of admission. Cumberland CLE administers the program for the Alabama State Bar in odd years and CLE Alabama in even years.


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