Introduction to Business Concepts

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A major role of being an attorney is making decisions for yourself, for your firm, and in conjunction with your clients on client matters.  Introduction to Business Concepts is a skills-based course to help improve your decision-making and client advising skills, and to understand your and your client's business issues.  To make business decisions or advise clients on making business, personal or political decisions, lawyers need a working knowledge of accounting, economics and finance.  Introduction to Business Concepts is a problem-based course introducing basic concepts in accounting, finance, economics, and analytical methods.

The course is geared toward students who have no significant business background or courses.  Students who majored in English, History, or Political Science, for example, may benefit greatly from the course.  Business, Accounting or Economics majors, on the other hand, should not enroll.

The course may help students appreciate upper division courses better as well as be helpful in legal practice.  It is recommended a student take the course in the second year.


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