Selected Topics in Tort Law

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This course is a seminar designed to explore some of the current issues in tort law.  The class will address existing case law and principles, but is primarily concerned with whether, or how, those principles can be or are being extended to address changing social norms and advancing technology.  Topics may include, but are not limited to, the current state of tort reform, fraud, selected defamation and privacy issues, business torts such as interference with contract, prospective advantage, unfair competition and injurious falsehood, the intersection of contract and tort in 'life-support' and fertility cases, family immunities theories in non-traditional families, tort liability for fraudulent conception, the appropriate role of 'loss of chance' theories in tort law, current issues in drug manufacturer liability, the law of affirmative obligations, social justice and economic theory, and assessing risk in tort law.  This is a paper class.


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