Another Great Year for Advocacy Competitions at Cumberland School of Law: A Recap of the 2012–13 Academic Year

Posted: Wed, 04/24/2013 - 09:00

In June 2013, Jennifer Reynolds will represent the law school at the National Top Gun Mock Trial Competition in Waco, Texas, after a tough battle between the former third-year trial team members, Keith Knowlton, Cory Ricci and Chambers Waller. This year marks four consecutive years Cumberland School of Law has been invited to send a representative to the Top Gun Competition. To learn more go to

Two Cumberland School of Law trial teams comprised of third-year students Jennifer Reynolds and Chambers Waller and second-year law students Alex McFall, Blake Milner and Genevieve Turner, placed in the top eight in the nation among the 320 competing teams at this year’s National Trial Competition in San Antonio, Texas. To learn more go to In addition, third-year law students Jennifer Reynolds, Chambers Waller, Nick Rayburn and Ben Odendahl and second-year law students Alex McFall, Blake Milner, Genevieve Turner and Jackson Neal swept the regional round of the National Trial Competition in Gainesville, Fla. To learn more go to

Victoria Ebrahimi (third-year) and Kayla Schoen (second-year) placed third in the nation at the American Bar Association’s National Client Counseling Competition in Waco, Texas. To learn more go to This same team placed first in the regional round in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. To learn more go to

Third-year law students Carl Chang (brief writer), Abigail Bains (oral advocate), and Paul Simon (oral advocate) won the American Bar Association’s National Appellate Advocacy Competition Regional in Las Vegas, Nev. To learn more go to

Law student Meg Greer (third-year) received Honorable Mention as Best Oralist at the National Environmental Law Moot Court Competition in New York, N.Y. To learn more go to

Jackson Neal (second-year), Rebecca Hall (second-year), Cory Ricci (third-year) and Keith Knowlton (third-year) advanced to the quarterfinals at the 2nd Annual South Texas Mock Trial Challenge held at South Texas College of Law in Houston, Texas. Keith Knowlton was recognized as an Outstanding Advocate in the preliminary rounds. To learn more go to

Jerrika Jones (second-year), Danny Patterson Jr. (third-year), Steven Miller (third-year), and Chris Weaver (third-year) placed fourth at the Southern Region Black Law Students Association Thurgood Marshall Mock Trial Competition in Nashville, Tenn. To learn more go to

Third-year students Jacob Jackson, Cline Thompson and Rory McKean went to the quarterfinal rounds at the National Baseball Arbitration Competition. To learn more go to

Alex McFall (second-year), Blake Milner (second-year), Genevieve Turner (second-year) and Chambers Waller (third-year) won the Professionalism and Ethical Lawyering Award at the Eleventh Annual National Civil Trial Competition in Los Angeles, Calif., and placed third overall. To learn more go to

Patrick Hinchey (third-year), Rachel Stewart (third-year), Rebecca Hall (second-year), and Cory Ricci (third-year) placed fifth at the Tournament of Champions in Chicago, Ill. Cory Ricci won the award for the best advocate. To learn more go to       

Cumberland School of Law’s moot court team of Nico Arciniegas (third-year), Sandra Koslin (second-year) and Lauren Nunez (third-year) placed in the quarterfinals of at the Leroy R. Hassell Sr. National Constitutional Law Moot Court Competition in Virginia Beach, Virginia.  

Melissa Isabel (third-year), Benjamin Odendahl (second-year), Nick Rayburn (third-year) and Carl Williams (second-year) won the Professional Ethics Award at the Michigan State 13th Annual National Trial Advocacy Competition in East Lancing, Michigan.

Keith Knowlton (third-year), Jackson Neal (second-year), Jennifer Reynolds (third-year) and Dain Stewart (third-year) placed in the semifinal round at the 2012 Lone Star Classic in San Antonio, Texas. Keith Knowlton won the award for best cross examination.