Cumberland Alumnus Miles McGrane Continues Important Service to Florida Supreme Court and the Bar

Posted: Mon, 07/01/2013 - 12:59

Miles McGrane III of the Cumberland Class of 1975 has devoted much of his career to service to the bar and the Judiciary. Recently, he was provided two new opportunities to serve. McGrane, who was president of the Florida Bar Association in 2003-2004, was recently appointed to a five year term on the Florida Board of Bar examiners. That body serves the important mission of overseeing the admissions process to the Florida Bar. In addition, on June 27th, McGrane was elected as president of the Florida Supreme Court Historical Society. The Historical Society’s mission is to insure that citizens understand the importance of a strong and independent judiciary in the governmental balance of power.

One of the important missions of the Cumberland School of Law is to train students to become highly competent, ethical lawyers committed to professionalism and public service. Miles McGrane’s career including long service to the courts and bar is a wonderful personal example of that kind of commitment.