Cumberland Book Clubs

Posted: Wed, 09/17/2008 - 13:04

Many students have expressed their interest in convening in small groups with faculty to discuss interesting and thought-provoking topics outside the classroom.  This semester, in response to that interest, Cumberland School of Law has launched the Cumberland Book Clubs.  Fifteen law professors have volunteered to lead the discussions and have selected a book that will form the basis for those discussions. 

Starting Wednesday, September 17, those interested in joining one of the book clubs will have the opportunity to sign-up by choosing one of the books.  Each book club leader will arrange a time and place, late this semester or early next semester, for book club members to gather and participate in a discussion.  This is a great opportunity to interact with students, professors, and staff and engage in broad discussions about important topics. 

A list of the books, the book club leaders, and a brief synopsis of each book are available here.