The Herbert W. Peterson Competition

Posted: Wed, 09/05/2012 - 08:18

On the weekend of August 25th there were 52 Alabama attorneys and judges that converged on Cumberland School of Law’s campus for the first rounds of the 2012 Herbert W. Peterson National Trial Team Competition. “The Peterson,” as it is referred to in the halls of the law school, serves as the vehicle for selecting Cumberland School of Law’s national trial teams.

This year’s competition has been one of the most exciting in recent years. Lone Star resident, Alex Moore, is on trial for the murder of his sister. He denies the charge and has pointed the finger at his sister’s abusive husband. Meanwhile, a third mystery suspect lurks in the shadows throughout. In a trial where interpretations of the facts are readily swayed by effective presentation of differing case theories, the competitors have been stellar.

Judge Joseph Boohaker, Judge Paul Greene and Judge Michael Putnam are among the 52 bar members who have come from as far as Mobile, Alabama, to offer their wisdom and guidance to the Peterson’s 30 competitors. The final rounds of the Peterson will take place on the weekend of September 7th, and the newest members of Cumberland’s nationally ranked trial team will be announced on Tuesday, September 11th.

The Herbert W. Peterson Competition is a Cumberland School of Law student run intramural competition. The Peterson Director is Victoria Ebrahimi and the Peterson Associate Director is Hannah Torbert.