Members of the Cumberland Community Honored by the Alabama State Bar

Posted: Tue, 07/19/2011 - 13:39

The Alabama State Bar held its annual meeting this past week and several members of our community were honored by the state bar.  A brief statement about each honor follows.

Stephen Hudgens ‘12

Each year, the state recognizes a law student who attends law school in Alabama for his or her contribution to providing access to justice for the poor. Stephen Hudgens was this year’s recipient of the law student Pro Bono award for his outstanding work with the Birmingham Volunteer Lawyer program.

Phillip McCallum ’87 & Bob Methvin ‘94

The Birmingham law firm of McCallum, Methvin & Terrell received the Pro Bono award for law firms for their outstanding contributions to the cause of access to justice for the poor and their support of Volunteer Lawyer programs. Phillip McCallum and Bob Methvin are named partners in that firm.

Chief Judge Joel Dubina ’73

Judge Joel Dubina received the Judicial Award of Merit . The award is presented to a judge who has contributed significantly to the administration of justice in Alabama. Judge Dubina has been a United States Magistrate Judge, a United States District Judge and now leads the 11th circuit as a United States Court of Appeals Judge. He is also a member of the Executive Committee of the United States Judicial Conference.

Ken Wallis ‘68

The State Bar periodically awards a “Commissioner’s Award” to recognize contributions made to the administration of justice and the legal profession. Ken Wallis received a Commissioner’s Award for his exceptional service as the Chief Legal Advisor to Governor Bob Riley.

Jim Lloyd ‘77

The Birmingham Bar Association won  the local bar achievement award for its 27 community service projects covering a wide range of charitable and public service causes. Jim Lloyd is the president of the Birmingham Bar.

John Carroll ’74

The State Bar and the Chief Justice’s Commission on Professionalism created the “Chief Justice’s Professionalism Award” to recognize a judge or lawyer for his or her outstanding contribution in advancing the professionalism of the legal profession in Alabama. Judge Carroll was the recipient of the award.

In addition to these individual awards, two members of our community have assumed leadership positions in the State Bar. Jim Pratt III ’78 is the new president of the Alabama State Bar and Phillip McCallum ’87 is the new president-elect.