National Trial Competition Regional Championship

Posted: Mon, 02/06/2012 - 11:23

The Cumberland School of Law team of Chambers Waller and Jennifer Reynolds (both 2Ls) won the National Trial Competition Regional Championship in Orlando, Florida this past weekend. Danny Patterson and Keith Knowlton were witnesses on the team. Chambers and Jennifer won 17 of the 19 judges that scored them, beating Ave Maria, Barry (who also advanced to the finals) and Ole Miss in the preliminary rounds. The team beat Faulkner in the semi-final round and Florida in the finals.

L-R:  Danny Patterson, Chambers Waller, Judge Jim Roberts, Sara Williams, Jennifer Reynolds and Keith Knowlton

The team of SeTara Foster and Todd Buchanan lost in the semi-final round. They were ranked number one following the three preliminary rounds after defeating Miami, Stetson and Faulkner. They did not lose a judge during those rounds. Patrick Hinchey and George Shiflett were witnesses on their team.

This is the fourth straight year a Cumberland School of Law team has won this regional championship. The teams were coached by Judge James Roberts, Jr. ’94 and Sara Williams ’06.

Congratulations to the coaches and team members for their success and hard work.