In the News April 12

Posted: Fri, 04/12/2013 - 09:01

Dean John Carroll

Dean Carroll was a featured commentator on the local Fox News channel. He discussed The Supreme Court arguments surrounding the two days of hearings involving same-sex marriage.

Professor Brad Bishop

On April 26, Professor Brad Bishop will speak to the Marshall County Bar Association’s Annual CLE Program in Guntersville, Ala. His topic will be "The Alabama Legislation Adopting the Interlock Device Punishment for Driving Under the Influence Cases".

On June 27, Professor Brad Bishop will speaks to the annual Meeting of the Alabama Municipal Judges and Municipal Court Clerks and Magistrates Association. In the morning session his presentation will be "DUI and Immigration Law Updates." In the afternoon session he will speak on "Ethical Issues Involved in Deferred Prosecution Programs and Determining Indecency."

Professor Michael DeBow

On March 26, Professor DeBow was quoted in The Texas Tribune in the article "Donations to Judicial Campaigns Spur Ethics Worries." In Texas, judicial elections that often involve large donations from law firms and other groups are common. Prof. DeBow has studied the merits of various systems for selecting judges. To access this article go to

Professor DeBow will speak to the Federalist Society chapter at Columbia Law School on Monday, April 15, on the subject of state judicial selection.

Professor Wendy Greene

Professor Wendy Greene’s article, "Black Women Can’t Have Blonde Hair…in the Workplace," has been cited in the latest textbook supplement to Employment Law: Cases and Materials.

On Friday, April 5, during the Southeast-Southwest People of Color Legal Scholarship Conference held at the University of Arkansas-Little Rock Bowen School of Law, Professor Greene moderated a panel on "The Obama Effect: Employment and Education." On Saturday, April 6, Professor Greene presented a paper, "Plessy Revisited: The Strategic Deployment of Mixed-Race Identity and Racial Determination in Historic and Contemporary Citizenship Rights Cases."

Throughout the 2012–13 academic year, Professor Greene has served on the Executive Planning Committee of the 2013 Southeast/Southwest People of Color Legal Scholarship Conference. At the close of this year’s conference she was elected to serve as the vice chair of the 2014 Executive Planning Committee.

Professor Woodrow N. Hartzog

"If anyone thinks it is a simple thing to do, to take a simple law [and convert it to machine-readable code], it is significantly more complicated than one thought," said Prof Hartzog in a April 9 ars technics article, "If you hate red-light cameras, you’ll really hate speeding ticket robots." Prof. Hartzog presented research on this topic on April 8, at the "We Robot" conference on law and robotics at Stanford University in California. To access this article go to