In the News April 26

Posted: Fri, 04/26/2013 - 14:51

Dean John L. Carroll
Dean Carroll commented in news segments on Birmingham’s ABC affiliate about the continuing push for public release of records by the Birmingham Airport Authority. The ongoing case resulted from a recent accident in Birmingham’s new airport where a flight information board fell and killed a 10-year-old boy and injured other family members. "The more the public knows about government, the better government is," said Dean Carroll

Professor Michael E. DeBow
On April 25, Professor DeBow participated in the Research Roundtable on Austrian Law & Economics, conducted at George Mason University School of Law.

Professor Jill E. Evans
With discussions underway about Sarah Collins Rudolph, a survivor of the 1963 church bombing at Birmingham’s 16th Street Baptist Church, obtaining compensation for her injuries, Professor Evans called a case for reparations difficult to prove. "It certainly is an uphill battle to try to recover for a number of reasons," Prof. Evans said in a story distributed by

Professor William Ross
In the April 22 National Law Journal article, "Judges Crack Under Pressure," Professor Ross said that one of the reasons why judicial incivility is increasing is because litigants have become less respectful to judges. Ross remarked that some litigants "may have taken their cue from courtroom dramas and television." Although Ross explained that many jurisdictions have civility codes, he remarked that "I regret that they’re needed. [Civility] ought to be second nature to them." Ross has published a number of articles on judicial ethics, including judicial civility. To access the article go to