In the News Jan 18

Posted: Fri, 01/18/2013 - 17:00

Gov. Albert Brewer

Gov. Albert Brewer was featured in the Jan. issue of Business Alabama magazine. The article notes, “Brewer was a progressive governor (1968-1971) during a brief interlude in Alabama’s otherwise inglorious passage through the civil rights struggles.”

Professor Alyssa A. DiRusso

In early Jan., Professor DiRusso attended the annual meeting of the American Association of Law Schools [AALS] in New Orleans. At this meeting, she presented her article, “Charity at Work: Proposing a Charitable Flexible Spending Account,” as part of the AALS Administrative Law Section program.

Professor Woodrow N. Hartzog

Professor Woodrow Hartzog was quoted in the Jan. 16. Los Angeles Times article, “Facebook introduces new search tool.” To access this article go to,0,4527731.story.

During the 2013 AALS annual meeting held in New Orleans, La., from Jan. 4–7, Professor Hartzog became chair-elect of the AALS Section on Defamation and Privacy and was also selected to be on the executive committee of the AALS Section on Internet and Computer Law.

On Jan. 9, Professor Hartzog was quoted in the USA Today College article “Think before you post (even if you’re a privacy-settings pro).” To access this article go to

On Dec. 18, Professor Hartzog was quoted in the ars technica article “Found: Secret location of Minneapolis police license plate readers: Data analysis shows that Minneapolis police took 2.1 million records in 90 days.” To access this article go to

On Dec. 17, Professor Hartzog was quoted in the Gawker article “Instagram’s Absurd New Terms of Use Agreement Is Already Being Called Its ‘Suicide Note’.” To access this article go to Hartzog received radio airtime on 90.3 WBHM for his Gawker quotes. To listen to this radio spot go to

Professor Wendy Greene

During the 2013 American Association of Law School [AALS] annual meeting held in New Orleans, La., from Jan. 4–7, Professor Greene was elected to be an executive committee member on the AALS Section on Employment Discrimination

On Dec. 17, W. Greene co-presented the AALS Section on Women in Legal Education Executive Committee’s inaugural Lifetime Achievement Award to Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg in the Justice’s cambers in Washington D.C.  Professor Greene is a section member and was recently elected secretary.

Professor William G. Ross

Professor William G. Ross’ recent article, “The Supreme Court as an Issue in Presidential Campaigns” has been published in The Journal of Supreme Court History. The Journal is published by the Supreme Court Historical Society.

On Jan 2, Professor Ross was quoted in the Legal Times article “Legal malpractice suit puts focus on billing practices: Billing entries were so bare-bones it was impossible to tell if lawyers’ time was necessary.” To access this article go to

Professor David Smolin

On Dec. 27, Professor Smolin, director of Samford University’s Cumberland School of Law’s new Center for Children, Law and Ethics, was featured on a broadcast of The Takeway titled “The End of Russian Adoptions for Americans.” To access the broadcast go to