In the News June 7

Posted: Thu, 06/06/2013 - 13:40

Prof. Woodrow Hartzog

“That’s going beyond merely keeping an official ‘in the loop,’ for example, by being at a remote terminal reviewing potential or questionable citations,” said Professor Hartzog in the June 4 ars technica article “Iowa City to ban red-light cameras, drones, and license plate readers too.” To access this article, go to

Professor Hartzog’s recent Atlantic story “How to Fight Revenge Porn” was cited explicitly in a roundtable discussion on MSNBC by Ari Melber (at the 6:27 mark). To access a video clip, go to

Professor Hartzog was quoted in the May 29 USA Today College article “How much do college students care about online privacy?” To access this article, go to

Donald Jackson

"I think they are on very, very shaky ground," said Cumberland School of Law adjunct professor and principal at The Sports Group, Donald Jackson. He is quoted in the June 5 New York Newsday article “MLB might have hard time penalizing A-Rod, players in latest PED case.” To access this article, go to

Prof. David Smolin

“Now people are repeating the same mistakes in Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo,” said Prof. Smolin in the May 31 The New York Times article, “Eager to Adopt, Evangelicals Find Perils Abroad.” To access this article, go to