In the News March 1

Posted: Mon, 03/04/2013 - 10:56

Professor Jill Evans

Professor Evans was quoted in a Feb. 16 story about the first lawsuit resulting from the Carnival cruise accident. Evans said she expects some people to sue. “I’m sure that they’re going to try,” she said. “It depends on what the contract says about what types of exposure that they have.” To access this story go to

Professor Wendy Greene

Professor Greene’s articles, “Title VII: What’s Hair (and Other Race-Based Characteristics) Got to do With It?,” “Black Women Can’t Have Blonde the Workplace,” and “Categorically Black, White or Wrong: The Emergence of an Actuality Requirement and Identity Litigation in Title VII Litigation,” were cited in the latest edition of a leading employment discrimination law casebook: Employment Discrimination: Selected Cases & Statutes (8th Edition, Aspen Publishers 2012).

On Friday, Feb. 15, Professor Greene was also an invited presenter at Saint Louis University School of Law’s symposium titled “Teaching Employment and Labor Law Symposium.” The symposium’s panelists consist of “leading teachers and scholars of employment and labor law, [who] discuss their methods for innovative, effective teach­ing of labor and employment topics.” Professor Greene presented on “Deconstructing Myths, Reconstructing Law Students’ Minds about Discrimination Law.”

Professor Woodrow N. Hartzog

Professor Hartzog’s recent article, “The Case for Online Obscurity” coauthored with Frederic Stutzman has been pub­lished in the California Law Review. To access this article go to

On Feb. 14-15, Professor Hartzog attended the Privacy Law Salon as an invited participant and Google Fellow. After presenting to Google’s employees last semester, Google asked Professor Hartzog to attend this salon. To learn more about the Privacy Law Salon go to http://privacyl­

Professor Hartzog recently appeared in a CBS 42 news story, “They’re making predictions about you.” To watch this video online go to

On Feb. 15, Professor Hartzog’s recent article “Quitters Never Win: The Costs of Leaving Social Media,” coauthored with Evan Selinger, appeared in The Atlantic. To access this article go to­ters-never-win-the-costs-of-leaving-social-media/273139/.

Professor Hartzog was recently quoted in Ohio State Law School’s magazine. He said, “Protections must be broader in scope if they’re to be meaningful at all.” To read this article go to

On Feb. 4 Professor Hartzog presented “Obscurity by Design” to faculty at Elon University Law School, guest-lectured in a course on Internet Law and met with the Intellectual Property Student Organization.

Professor William Ross

Professor Ross’ article, “Constitutional Issues Involving the Controversy Over American Membership in the League of Nations, 1918–1920,” has been published in 53 American Journal of Legal History 1-88 (2013).

Professor David Smolin

From Feb. 15–16, Professor Smolin spoke at Regent University School of Law’s symposium, “Endangered Gender, a Discussion on Sex-Selective Abortion.”