In the News March 29

Posted: Fri, 03/29/2013 - 08:23

Professor Alyssa DiRusso
On March 19, Professor Alyssa DiRusso was elected to The American Law Institute (ALI). To learn more about the ALI go to

Professor Wendy Greene
Professor Wendy Greens’s article, “Categorically Black, White or Wrong: The Emergence of an ‘Actuality Requirement’ and Identity Adjudication in Title VII Litigation” has been accepted for publication in the Michigan Journal of Law Reform.

Professor Jill Evans
“If it’s beyond the garden variety negligence then (an airport authority) may still have some liability,” said Professor Evans in the article,“Alabama immunity laws protect airport authorities, but not contractors, from lawsuits claiming negligence.” To access this article go to

Professor Woodrow N. Hartzog
On March 13, Professor Hartzog appeared on The Voice of Russia (American Edition) show “Due Diligence” to discuss Google’s recent settlement with 37 states stemming from the tech company’s collection of private information from Wi Fi networks. To access this recording go to

On March 16, Professor Hartzog presented a work-in-progress titled “Social Data” at the Internet Law Scholars Work-in-Progress Event at Santa Clara University. To access more information about this event go to

“Google Glass is possibly the most significant technological threat to ‘privacy in public’ I’ve seen,” said Professor Hartzog in the March 22 ars technica article “‘Stop the Cyborgs’ launches public campaign against Google Glass.” To access this article go to

Professor William G. Ross
“Lawyers sometimes conflate their own financial interests with the interests of the client who pays the bills. Of course, most lawyers are ethical, but the billable hour creates perverse incentives," said Professor Ross in the March 25 New York Times article “Suit Offers a Peek at the Practice of Inflating a Legal Bill.” This article talks about Professor Ross’ 2007 survey of 250 lawyers. To access this article go to