In the News May 24

Posted: Thu, 05/23/2013 - 09:06

Professor Alyssa A. DiRusso

On May 20-23, Professor Alyssa A. DiRusso attended the annual conference of the American Law Institute in Washington, D.C.  Prof. DiRusso is part of the Members Consultative Group on the Principles of Charitable Nonprofit Organizations.

Professor Woodrow Hartzog

“Facebook is on the defensive again. Members of the social networking site sued the company for co-opting their identities in online ads, and Facebook agreed to revise its ‘Statement of Rights and Responsibilities’ and offer a $20 million settlement.” This is the opening of the May 22 The Nation article “Fighting Facebook, a Campaign for a People’s Terms of Service” written by Professor Woodrow Hartzog, Ari Melber and Evan Selinger. To access the entire article go to

“Victims of non-consensual pornography, sometimes called 'revenge porn,' often receive little help from the law. Many who to try to fight the malicious and unconsented sharing of their explicit photos or videos cannot overcome the numerous hurdles to vindication,” said Prof. Hartzog in the May 10 article “How to Fight Revenge Porn” he wrote for the Atlantic. To access the entire article go to